Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meet the newest member.

Yes, I am crazy but she was so darn cute. She still doesn't have a name. I wanted Pipa but Aric doesn't like it. Then we thought LC for lil' cutie, but it just doesn't seem right. Who knows!!!

Take two: Her name is Lola Pipa Dog Alexander, but she says just to call her Lola.
She will fit in great here, she blinked in the picture!!

This is Isaac attempting to hug her.

Thankfully she is great with Isaac, it is the puppy we are worried about because Isaac isn't so gentile with her. But we are working on it.


The Slaws said...

She is SO cute! Cant wait to meet her!

Nic said...

Very cute!!

Melissa said...

Her name was Lola....

she is super cute!