Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We would call him Tiny but that nickname is taken!!

Isaac had his 1 year well baby check up today and calling him tiny is understated. He weighs in at 17lbs 1 oz, which is the 0%, yup 0%!!! He is 29 inches tall which puts him in the 32%. They aren't really concerned at this point but we are going to put him on vitamins just to give him some extras and he goes back in 5 weeks for a weight check up! Other than that he is healthy as can be and making all of his normal milestones.

He may be tiny but he sure is cute!!


Melissa said...

I second your last sentence!! :)

Melissa said...

Oh and Happy Anniversary one day late!! I meant to email you yesterday and then that thought slipped my mind by the end of the night. And happy REAL birthday to Isaac!

Janette said...

One day he'll be bigger than all of us and we'll laugh at how little he once was!

Anonymous said...

U R so right he is wicked cute.... remember the old saying "Nice things come in little packages" or something like that he is so precious