Thursday, December 18, 2008

Isaac's 18 month old check up!!

We went to Isaac's doctors appt today and it went PERFECT!! He is now 20 lbs, which not only means we can officially turn the car seat around BUT he is actually on the charts, okay, so maybe it is only 1% BUT....HE IS ON THE CHARTS!! He is also 31 inches tall and in the 16%!! We no longer have to go for weight check ups because as the doctors said there is nothing wrong he is "just Isaac". He keeps going up and is doing great. He is on track with his speaking skills, mobility skills, social skills etc... He did have to get one shot but he was a real trooper!!!

He is talking a lot and here are just a few words he now says; Hot, Up, Momma, Dadda, Abby, Georgia, That?, Isaac, Duck, Dog, Uh-Oh, Up, Bye, Hi and Yeah. I know there is more but that is all I can think of. He doesn't always do it when we want him to but he can say them. You can ask him what Isaac says and he says "Ho Ho Ho".

I guess that is the update for now!!

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