Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Visit to Montana

Isaac and I went to visit Nicole and Ben in Montana. We had a great time. We left on Thursday and on our second flight Isaac and I upgraded to First Class which was awesome. That day we just hung out at the house and the boys played, it was great. Friday we went to gymnastics and then Babies and Books. That tired Isaac out so much he actually fell asleep in his highchair while eating at a restaurant. It was pretty comical. Saturday we went around town shopping and then that night we had a sitter so we could go out with Nicole's friends for Tori's birthday. It was a lot of fun but nothing like around here, it was interesting to say the least : ). Sunday was just a lazy day which was needed. We left for home on Monday which was pretty uneventful, all though our second flight again we upgraded.

We had so much fun with Ben and Nicole, it was sad to have the boys say good bye again. Thanks to Nicole and Ben for being such great hosts!!


Brian, Nicole, & Ben said...

We loved having you and already miss you! Can't wait to see you again in Jan and of coarse for our trip :) Thanks again for coming- we had so much fun.

Janette said...

Looks like it was perfect all around!

Connor and Braeden said...

These pics are great. I love the train in the living room, what fun.