Wednesday, October 1, 2008

15 Months!!

Yup, Isaac turned 15 months old on September 24th and he had his check up today. He weighed in at 18lbs 6 oz, which is still tiny and in the 0% BUT he did gain almost 1 lb in the last month. He is 30.5 inches tall, which is the 38%, and his head is 17.75in which is the 6%. So all is well on this end. Our doctor talked to an endocrinologist about another patient and asked about Isaac and she said because he is okay with his height and head that they would just keep an eye on his weight for the next two years. So that was a relief for us. He has met every other milestone except for the number of words he can say. We aren't worried and either was she. He just has to have 8 words down by December which is doable!! He was a real trooper and we are very proud of our little guy. He continues to make us smile and laugh every day!!

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Bethany said...

It doesn't take long for our little ones to make us worry, huh?? Glad to hear that he's doing well overall - just get that boy eating!!! Miss you all :) Hugs x 3