Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nicole and Ben come to visit!!

Ben and Nicole came to visit and we had SO much fun. The boys hit it off right away and were making each other laugh on our way home from the airport. It was AMAZING!!! We got to do a lot of fun stuff while they were here, we went to Brighton's Summerfest, we went to CJ's FIRST Birthday party, shopping, just hung out and we got to go to the waterpark. The boys had so much fun playing, wrestling and giggling together, oh and even sharing kisses. We were so sad to see them leave but it was great and we can't wait to see them again!!


Janette said...

Awe, that's so cute the boys get a long so perfectly! It looks like it was all so great!

Brian, Nicole, & Ben said...

We miss you guys too! We had so much fun :) I just keep thinking how much fun they are going to be and have in Jan.

Melissa said...

aww, how fun. That water park looked really fun, which one was it?